Q. who are our demographics?  

A. Our Supporters are  Communities, Friends, Families, Colleges, Mentors, and more.

Our Recipients: Global Creative Enthusiast


Q. Does it cost me to be a member of this movement? 

A.  No We educate and share at no cost. We hope all members take advantage of opportunities to share skills and give back to this growing community. 


Q. Can I take part of upcoming events?

A. Yes absolutely, we would love to have all our members actively participate in our future events. Of course, you are always welcome to decide which event is suitable for you to get involved. 


Q. I really love what I see so far and the philosophy behind the movement.  Would love to hear more about how it came about, what I can contribute and where your team envision it for future?

A. Most of us took part of different professional and community related experiences in the past. Those experiences led us to share some important discussions, debates, thoughts, ideas and experiences that we all thought were important. Therefore, we questioned how can we as a collective, contribute to a higher purpose in our daily lives through our unify network. With the overarching idea that we are all one, we strive to connect emerging artists and designers with those who have already established themselves. As of now, we are exploring many themes and working together to achieve that vision of our future. 


Q. I'm curious as to what kind of involvement we are looking for for Unify Design Art?

A. Many types of community involvement. Through activating our relationships and working together, we are hoping to collaborate and engage with other creative disciplines, which results in activating our communities. We are growing with members joining our unity day by day. As a result, the conversation broadens with every addition, and we look to discuss more about potential opportunities that we can all equally take part of.