「MOR - The Moment of Realization」

“MOR” is a film about every person’s potential, creativity and compassion that lies at the root of their nature. Hamid Shahi, our member and Rikako Takahashi, a Japanese film maker, wanted to explore that moment of realization, when a person sees and understands their path in life, to use their skills to relate to others, to explore our individual creativity, and to use our passion to improve ourselves and our world.


We are enormously proud to announce that MOR was screened successfully for the first time to the public in Japan during last month.


Saturday February 16 2019
18: 30 - 20: 30 @ Sanriku Komaki, Kamaishi 

Hamid Shahi’s Experience:
We screened our film in Kamaishi , where many people lost their lives during the disaster and many others still carry their sad memories, but thankfully we were able to connect with the community, engage in great conversation and and get feedback from them. We learned so much from their treasurable stories, ideas and their perspective towards their current communities. We are so grateful for this opportunity to reconnect with Kamaishi through this film. Their time and energy on that night made our journey much brighter.”

MOR During Tokyo Screening. Photography by  Yasuhito Iwata

MOR During Tokyo Screening. Photography by Yasuhito Iwata

Friday February 22 2019
19: 00 - 21: 00 @ SHIBAURA HOUSE, Tokyo

Hamid Shahi’s Experience:
We had a fantastic time screening our film in Tokyo. We are so grateful for this opportunity to connect with more amazing people through this film. After screening the film, we were so grateful to have an opportunity to talk more about the film and have a dialogue around community. It was very fruitful to hear many different feedbacks from the amazing people who attended this event.”