"The Notion of Unification Through Design and Art."




Unify Design Art is a movement that thrives on collaboration and socialization that brings us together during everyday life. The aim of this movement is to create a platform for motivated creatives, such as artists and designers, who enhance stronger relationships between their work, the users, and the environment. Unify is a powerful tool that makes our community strong. Merging the boundaries between art, design, and life, we believe that creators around the globe can support and inspire each other to a make positive change in their local communities.

UDA is a sustainable movement of artists and designers that aims to enrich the quality of life of those living in local communities through the cultivation of creativity and unification of communities globally.



Our goal is to spread our love for art and design across the world. We believe everyone is creative and we think of designers and artists as people who exhibit their attitude, approach, and abilities of forward thinking. For us it’s not a question of thinking or doing, but what to think about and how to do it through unified systems and strategies.


Core Values 

Our values are based on four pillars; social activation, global connections, creation and experimentation. We aim to foster an internal network of limitless creative resources and experiences for our members to embrace within collective and individual practices.

Social activation is where our members reach out to their local communities to provide support that is geared towards enhancing people's lives through art and design.

Global connection marks our place as creators in the global art & design scene. We welcome all members from around the world and from all walks of life, embracing their practices in design, art, culture, and, ideologies.

Creation is where our members reach out to each other to spark collaborative opportunities, exchange ideas, and give feedback on projects.

Experimentation is where our members work to utilize new materials, create new approaches, and innovate new methods of exploration. This is focused on research, prototyping, and utilizing traditional and advanced technological innovations as a means for vision realization.


"We are inspired & working to inspire the World"